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About us

Mobility & eMobility Solutions


Developing the best electric vehicle charging solutions in the world.


Being a global benchmark regarding the EV charging user experience.

Culture & Values

Innovation, dynamism, audacity, commitment to our customers and the environment, cooperation and integrity.

Code of ethics

Our History

Since our beginnings in 1997, we have been a Spanish manufacturer and we believe that innovation, internationalization, quality, and close contact with our clients is the most effective way to offer the best products and service at the best price.

We offer a world of new products in each of our product ranges:

Mobility (Efficiency solutions for car parks)
eMobility  (Intelligent recharging solutions for electric vehicles)
We, the people that make up Circontrol, are attracted to challenges, and our dreams drive us on. That is why our great team of professionals enthusiastically and eagerly work every day to offer our clients the best solutions in mobility and emobility market.

Circontrol_mobility & E-Mobility solutions_ enterprise
Circoncontrol Mobility & E-mobility world solutions

Company Policy

At Circontrol we strongly believe that quality, environmental protection, a safe and a healthy work environment as well as the continuous improvement are the best areas we could investment on. Therefore, they form the core of our company policy. For this reason, we promote this commitment within our employees as well as our customers and suppliers, with whom we maintain a fluid relationship to align ourselves and solve any deviation. In addition, we always keep an eye on the market needs and constantly improve our product and our service to meet the demands of our current and potential customers, always maintaining the utmost respect for the environment and the well-being of our employees.

Thus, at Circontrol we are committed with quality, with the protection of our environment and we guarantee the safety and health of our staff as described in the attached company policy.

Company Policy 

Commitment with the 2030 Agenda

At Circontrol we are convinced that we not only have to fight to make the world a better place by promoting sustainable mobility thanks to our electric vehicle chargers: we also must be consistent in our day-to-day work as a company. For this reason, we have developed a series of actions to be in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

These include a commitment to Sustainable and Non-Polluting Energy, with the implementation of solar panels and the re-injection of energy into the grid when we do not need it, as well as a commitment to Sustainable Cities and Communities, to which we subscribe by making electric company cars and electric vehicle chargers available to our employees at our headquarters in Viladecavalls. We also promote the objective of Decent Work and Economic Growth, through the improvement of conditions in the workplace with BPTW (Best Place to Work) projects, and we are committed to Gender Equality with the development of our own Equality Plan.

Know more about 2030 Agenda

Circontrol_mobility & E-Mobility solutions_ enterprise