Mobility & eMobility Solutions


Development of innovation and technology to deliver market mobility and emobility solutions and competitive products.


Circontrol position as a world leader in efficient solutions for mobility car parks and recharging solutions for electric vehicles.

Culture & Values

Innovation, Honesty, Customer orientation, Internationalization, Teamwork, Professionalism.

Our Story

Since our beginnings in 1997, we have been a Spanish manufacturer and we believe that innovation, internationalization, quality, and close contact with our clients is the most effective way to offer the best products and service at the best price.

We offer a world of new products in each of our product ranges:

    Mobility (Efficiency solutions for car parks)
    eMobility  (Intelligent recharging solutions for electric vehicles)

We, the people that make up Circontrol, are attracted to challenges, and our dreams drive us on. That is why our great team of professionals enthusiastically and eagerly work every day to offer our clients the best solutions in mobility and emobility market.

Circontrol_mobility & E-Mobility solutions_ enterprise
Circoncontrol Mobility & E-mobility world solutions

Conscious of the importance of Quality and Continuous improvement as the best investment, CIRCONTROL has adopted the following measures:

In order to get the total quality and continuous improvement CIRCONTROL bets in training properly their employees and promote their commitment in order to make them aware of the application of the ISO 9001:2008.
Being in direct contact with the commercial representatives and customers in order to detect and correct any deviation that could happen.
And finally, paying attention to the needs of the market in order to improve constantly in the product and also in the service related to this one.
To summarize, it is expected that CIRCONTROL consolidates the management of the quality, the continuous improvement and the satisfaction of the customers.

Quality policy Circontrol